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EMANUEL PUBLISHING was founded in 2006 by Brian and Ruth Johnson in order to publish the books of the Hearts Desire Series. These novels aim to romance both the soul and spirit.

The plots and characters are designed to reveal a love and truth that takes people beyond themselves where dreams, visions, and supernatural occurrences break into their lives revealing there is a power beyond ourselves that can heal, deliver and restore lives.

Endorsed by Kingsway Publications as “A very enjoyable read – totally absorbing”

“A thoroughly delightful romance packed with believable characters and strong plot.”

“I was up half the night because I wanted to know the end;”

”I loved it and have passed it on to my Mum;”

“I  barely noticed the journey home I was so engrossed;”

“The story so gripped me I couldn’t put it down; and I thought Christianity was boring.”

“Jill’ is a sensational read from beginning to end’
“With Jane, Ruth was just warming up.”
“I was ‘captivated’ up to the last page.  Who said this was just for women?”

“What an exciting novel, so much more than a romance, even on a second reading I couldn’t put it down.” “It was difficult to proof read, because I kept getting caught up in the plot.”With Jane, Ruth was just warming up.’

“I love this this series, and reading about the lives of the characters as the stories move on in two year intervals.”“This third book can stand on its own, but it adds to the enjoyment if you read them in order.”

“Such a fantastically written book I couldn’t put it down!! I went through a range of different emotions whilst reading this, from pure joy to sobbing! I found myself caring about the characters as though they are actually part of my family. David is definitely a book that I would recommend to everyone and it’s so fresh to read about the characters strong Christian lives!

“You will experience a whole range of emotions as the characters come to life in this no-stop action packed suspense novel.”  LC

“Another breath taking plot with its twists and turns that leads you to an unexpected ending.”  GW

“As with the other books in this series, I love it and couldn’t put it down.”  RD

In twelve years much has changed and with the advances of technology there are far more opportunities to reveal that Christianity isn’t a religion, but a living, loving relationship with a heavenly Father who desires to be part of our daily lives.

The Hearts Desire series is still a pioneer in using fiction to reveal these truths and are available on Kindle and in paperback. Our hope was books would sell in profitable numbers making it possible to publish or advertise self-published books which also reveal the love of God and His ability to speak into our lives.  This has had success in part, but not as fully, or in the way we envisaged.  However, Emanuel (God with us) has continued to open up ways serve Him.  We are using what He has given us in supporting others to step into their calling to touch heaven and change earth.

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