Our Vision

The written word can transcend decades and centuries. People are influenced by what they read. If we believe the Bible when it says Gods Word never returns void (Isaiah 55.11) then we are underusing a very important evangelistic tool. By putting God’s truths into books that are readily available, easy to read and cheap to buy, we can reach our non-Christian relatives, friends and neighbours. These books can be passed on, bought as gifts, and even if they end up in a second hand or charity shop, God’s Word still has the opportunity to touch someone’s heart.

Today, there are many good, well-written manuscripts that publishers don’t consider because the author is unknown, or they feel cost might outweigh sales. Often those who have invested their own money in publishing find High Street bookshops, even Christian ones, are sceptical at stocking anything without a previous track record. We hope that the setting up of this site that we will, in future, be in a position to draw attention to other author’s self-published books which have a potential yet to be harnessed.  When we venture into that, the following Mission Statement and Terms and Conditions will need to be adhered to.  Please email us if you feel you would like to be part of this.

Our aim is to reach out into the market place to bring the Gospel message in a  non-threatening way.

Our hope is that Christians will buy and read the books and purchase further copies as gifts for their non-Christian relatives, neighbours, colleagues and friends.

Our belief is that readers will be so caught up in the story that the Gospel will be seeded within them, and we are claiming the scripture which says, “God’s word never returns void”.


To promote well written Christian books of any genre on the internet. The purpose to give opportunity for aspiring authors to advertise their fiction and non-fiction writing. Our desire is to provide an opportunity for authors of self published, print on demand, or Kindle versions to enter the ever growing internet sales market. And to draw interest, and network to other Christian sites to make a network of links of interest. All books containing religious content should adhere to biblical truths, and portray Christian values, ethics and not contain undue swearing, blasphemy or pornographic material.