Associate Projects

Many people are called by God to use their abilities, skills, talents and gifts to serve the Lord, but often feel alone and unsupported.  It seemed that we needed an umbrella organisation which would bring together Christians of like mind to pray, encourage and work together.   We recently attended a Destiny Activator Course and having put forward this idea it was met with enthusiasm and an exchange of email addresses.

If you feel God’s call on your life and are interested in being part of this, please get in touch with us. This can include a multitude of talents and gift,s for example, your music, writing books, dance, art  prophecy, personal prayer and counselling. Skills and abilities come also in a variety of forms often serving people be it in physical work eg. nursing to brick-laying, running marathons to fund projects, or mind-bending enterprising businesses and making the most of your money!

As an example, we met a lady who said she had a desire to ‘love on people’.  She lived near the sea, had a spare bedroom, and when someone had been through a tough time wanted to give them a short holiday and be there for them.   I think there could be a big call on such a venture.

Initially, we will put your email address on a database with your details, and you giving us your permission to  advertise your business/abilities on this website. By enrolling you will then become part of the Emanuel Project.  We will ask for ideas and updates from you to rate how this is working for you, and put your testimonies of progress within your information.   This is a trial period and therefore we will do this without charge, but should it and you, gain financially we’d hope, if it became necessary, you’d help support someone to update and run this as a separate site.

When we know what is on offer, we can begin to build, advertise, recommend and help each other become people of influence in our nation.  The Bible says in Dan.11:32 “those who know their God will stand firm, be strengthened and do great exploits” so let’s believe that as His people begin to work together for the common good we can accomplish more than we could even hope for and imagine.

An idea we have would be for a group of Christians to finance a stand in an Exhibition, where we’d work together to organise and run it.  This would advertise our various talents, be it writing books, art work, photography, or your business.  From that I’d hope we would all make sales, commissions, and appointments which would encourage us and bring a Christian perspective into the lives of others.  A bonus would be the opportunity to draw together as God’s family and enjoy sharing and inspiring each other with our ideas.

It is when God’s people are in unity He commands the blessing.  Our aim in this is to see our nation return to its foundations by showing the way to how the Lord wants to bless and influence our lives.